Client Testimonials

Even as technology keeps us connected, why do so many people feel isolated and alone? Human beings are made for communities…

… and a growing number of people are finding that community here in the Wheel of Creativity.

Over the years, it’s been my privilege to work with some truly beautiful people. Everywhere I go, all around the world, I am heartened to discover that what unites us is greater than our differences. A deep inner longing for something better… a calling to add something uniquely good to the stream of life… and the need to become a greater person in order to achieve that.
The people in the Wheel of Creativity community come together to listen and learn, but also to give and share. Here are some reflections from just a few of them. Come share your story and your gifts with us.

Petra Romero-Miranda, Manager

“What changed my life was to see that the process exists and that I can trust it. I saw that I have been in all of the stages at one point or another without knowing that they had a name, and that there was a process that linked them all. That made me feel more secure, and so I’m able to let go.”

January 18, 2014

Cal Harris Jr, Musician

“My work with Katherine has been truly inspirational. As an artist, I can tell you that this work is not limited to traditional artistic endeavors. It’s about harnessing the creativity within us all that can be used to enhance any area of your life. I would highly recommend her services to anyone serious about taking their Art, Business, Relationship, or any other endeavor to the next level!”

January 18, 2014