Wheel of Creativity events are designed to take you through an experience of the creative journey. Each event integrates creative practices, movement, exercises and guided meditation with the principles of the Wheel of Creativity to energize your body, clear your mind, nourish your heart and replenish your spirit.

Virtual events

From free webinars to year-long online courses, virtual events make it easy to enter the Wheel of Creativity and connect with our creative community wherever in the world you are. They’re a great way to taste the sweet waters of creative living.

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Live events

From corporate trainings and networking meetings to creative retreats in Nature, live events give you step-by-step training in the process of innovation. Enjoy a deeper experience of your own power to create in a safe and inspiring group setting with Katherine at the wheel. Click or email us to find out about events scheduled near you… or organize one for you workplace or local group.

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