Station 3: Anorexia

Experience: Paralysis | Task: Choose Love | Reward: Torque

H. L. Mencken

Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence.

Station 3: Anorexia

When you've said No to something you wanted for long enough, you begin to forget you wanted it in the first place. The No becomes automatic, your default mode, and the desire that enlivened you gets lost. Reawakening it takes some getting used to. Anorexia describes the automatic No that arises in response to remembering what you really want, and this station shows you the way through.



  • Where do you feel stuck or paralyzed in your life today?
  • Where does the automatic “No” come up in your life? What (and whose) words does it use?
  • What would you love to do if you could overcome this “No”?
  • What kind of force is required to move you out of the inertia of your status quo?


    • Each time you reach for what you’ve never had, expect to meet resistance.
    • List three places in your chosen area where you can see the automatic “No” at work. Describe the things you’re doing that feed the “No. ”
    • What’s the antidote? What kinds of new behaviors do you need to develop in these places?


  • Unseat that inertia. Move your body. Go a different way to work. Rearrange the furniture. Use these seven days to create some new habits.
  • Now that you know what are you doing that feeds the No, list three new habits you need to develop in these places.
  • List three daily actions you can take to reinforce these habits.
  • Put them in your calendar.


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Measure your Learning

                       How will you measure the movement you're beginning today?

                     How will you know you have torque?

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