Station 5: Isolation

Experience: Despair | Task: Stay Vigilant | Reward: Discovery

Arianna Huffington, President, The Huffington Post Media Group

Fearlessness is like a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I exercise it the more natural it becomes to not let my fears run me.

Station 5: Isolation

This is the point in the process when what you've left is gone, and what you're seeking hasn't shown up yet. Nothing teaches you how strong you are more than discovering the edge of your weakness. Nothing can develop your strength without testing your limits. When despair shows its face, remember you are on the verge of discovery.



  • In this area of your life what is the biggest mistake you feel you’ve made?
  • What kind of discovery are you counting on now?
  • How vigilant are you willing to be in order to see it?
  • Who is helping you stay on course? Who is on your ground crew?


    • Name the biggest distractions in your life. Name the people who cause you to doubt, theactivities that waste your time, the habits that drain your energy.
    • What or who destabilizes you?
    • What stabilizes you when times are tough?
    • What methods do you use for tapping into that stabilizing power?


    • List three distractions you're willing to remove from your life. Make a plan to remove all three of them by the end of the course. Put this in your calendar.
    • Now that you have identified what stabilizes you and the method you use to tap into it,create at least one time slot in your week for the next three weeks to practice thatmethod.


                       Check in with your Facebook community or your accountability partner.

Measure your Learning

                    What possibilities can you see when you've removed the obstacles you can remove?

                   What will you do when you remember how powerful you are?

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