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2015 Tele-course: “Love the Life you Live”

February 3, 2015 - April 21, 2015


iStock_000002805186XSmall-217x300 What will it take for you to truly, madly, deeply love your life?

“Love the Life you Live: Create Your Best Year Ever”
An in-depth 12-week course with Katherine Robertson-Pilling, author of
The Wheel of Creativity: Taking Your Place in the Adventure of Life

Starts Tuesday, February 3, 2015

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How would you like this year to be different from the last one?
This  year stretches out before you like a long road to adventure. Where do you want to go? What will you do with 2015 that you didn’t do last year? Whatever you do between now and then, this year will end just the same. Make the rest of 2015 count!

  • Do you have creative project that you’re still trying to fulfill?
  • Do you long to make your living doing something you love?
  • Are you tired of not completing what you set out to do?

Get access to “Love the Life you Live: Create Your Best Year Ever”  and receive:

  • A framework for taking the wheel to change your life
  • A personal compass to use on the path to successful creation
  • The vision to see obstacles and blocks as guiding forces
  • The simple but powerful secret to truly loving your life

We’re all on this journey together.
I’m Katherine Robertson-Pilling, author of The Wheel of Creativity: Taking Your Place in the Adventure of Life.

I’ve been a professional freelance writer for almost 30 years, but I’ve learned the most about creativity by living.

This time last year, I had a brand new book, a dream of a different type of business, and a bundle of unknowns, uncertainties and unexpecteds. I committed. I learned. I did it. And I keep doing it day after day.

The journey from dream to reality is quantum leap created by the accumulation of one quickening step after another.
You’re invited to discover the 12 steps required to create a life you’ll love to live.

Join me and a select group of passionate people like you who are committed to creating something better with 2014 than they ever have before. The next 12-week course begins on September 9th.

In this deep and nurturing course, we’ll dig into one station of The Wheel of Creativity each week. We’ll focus on your life, your longings and how you can create something better in 2015.

  • Week 1.     Discover the gifts of restlessness.
  • Week 2.     Name your deepest longing.
  • Week 3.     Stop avoiding what you love to do.
  • Week 4.     Dare to let go of what you know.
  • Week 5.     Stabilize yourself in rough waters.
  • Week 6.     Focus when the panic sets in.
  • Week 7.     Open up to Life’s blessings.
  • Week 8.     Find your faith while you wait for results.
  • Week 9.     Appreciate the moment of creation.
  • Week 10.   Nurture your creation without expectation.
  • Week 11.   Do the work. Do the work. Do the work.
  • Week 12.   Reap the rewards of creation.


  • Weekly session worksheets
  • Access to private Facebook  group
  • Downloadable recordings of every session

How Can the Wheel of Creativity Help You?

Wheel-Front-small copy

The Wheel of Creativity defines 12 stations on the journey from where you are today to where you want to be. Knowing where you are on that journey gives you confidence to keep moving down the road.

The Wheel of Creativity® is a universal framework of the creative process. Whether your vision is a creative career, a successful startup or more mindful living, you will journey through the Wheel to manifest it. Devote this half-hour of sacred time to yourself and see what your creative spirit has to show you.

The 12 stations of The Wheel of Creativity are required passage in the creation of anything new. In this book, I illuminate the unexplored corners of all 12 stations, revealing the tasks and rewards in each one. So you’ll never be lost again on the journey from  where you are today to the life you long for.

Whatever you create in life also creates you.

  • What do you want to create before this year is out?
  • Who do you want to be when it’s done?

What participants say about this course:

“Last winter I found my creative energy for a large writing project I had initiated completely at a standstill. While I was very motivated to finish my project, I had doubts about my ability to do so and felt bogged down with inertia.  So I enrolled in Katherine’s teleconferencing class. For one hour each week with 5 other creative individuals and Katherine as our guide, I was able to pick up the pieces of my project and forge ahead.  No matter what your craft – writing, painting, composing or even a desire for deeper meaning in daily living – this class will propel you forward to a higher ground.”

– Heather Beadle, writer (Boulder, CO)

“Katherine Robertson-Pilling’s Wheel of Creativity is a transformational guide to living life creatively. The collective energy and support of our weekly group sessions added another dimension to an already enlightened process. They were fun, energizing and effective. Think you’ve been there, done that? Not like this!”

– Carol Keslar, writer (Oakland, CA)

“Katherine Robertson has truly demystified the creative process with her book The Wheel of Creativity. Going deeper into the concept in a focused, and supportive group setting has been a wonderful experience…I highly recommend it!”

– Cal Harris Jr., musician (Phoenix, AZ)

“It’s been a constructive creative week! One step at a time, I am starting to put into practice activities which are helping me formulate my vision, take my place in this life, and own my power.  With your insights about what it is to be a human being I seem to be ‘knocking down walls’ – judgments and doubts which hold me back – and am much clearer, more confident and accepting of who I am, where I am and where I’m going in this life.  It’s very exciting. It’s enabling me to feel free and excited about life and recognize that all-important lesson that NOW is it! Thank you Katherine… you have a great gift.”

– Liz deAth, visual artist (Brighton, UK)


Love the Live you Live. Start today!

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February 3, 2015
April 21, 2015
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