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Do you find chaos daunting? Lindsey and Chris, founders of Hug Your Chaos Coaching, want you to learn how to embrace it with fearless contentment. Watch now.

One Minute Message... How a podcast is born.

For close to 20 years I have lived my life as a citizen of the world, moving between homes in three countries (US, UK and France) several times a year. I work with people on every continent in many walks of life. My biggest takeaway:  human beings long to have an impact on their world, and each has a role to play. This podcast is dedicated to people all around the world who listen, act and never give up. Thanks for tuning in.

- Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Lindsey & Chris 

Authors, Life Coaches and Founders of

Hug Your Chaos Coaching 

Lindsey Carricarte-Jones & Christopher Jones 

Lindsey & Chris are a Power “Couplepreneur”; published authors, coaches, motivators and the founders of Hug Your Chaos Coaching. They are themselves, fearless “Chaos-huggers” who inspire many overwhelmed, overachieving, overstimulated people to learn how to be less fearful, more focused, even content in the midst of life’s darkness and unpredictability. Their method is not about escapism but getting real. Lindsey and Chris have both experienced real darkness and chaos. From overcoming addiction to cancer to depression, anxiety and PTSD, they speak from a deep authenticity as only survivors can.  This makes them genuinely connect with others. Their current holistic lifestyle is centered around health, happiness and every-day healing through energy work, yoga, and meditation. They help other couples and individuals become masters of their own empowerment, healing and inner resiliency.  

Discover: AbundantLifeMastery.com

Katherine Robertson-Pilling
Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Creator of One Minute Message

Meet Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Katherine Robertson-Pilling is a Strategic Creativity Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Art & Soul Productions LLC. Using her trademarked innovation framework – The Wheel of Creativity®– she facilitates online and in-person workshops and courses that empower people to accomplish their goals and fulfil their intentions. She coaches successful entrepreneurs, creatives and change makers around the world who need a clear pathway with easy actions to move to the next level in their personal and professional lives.

Discover: www.wheelofcreativity.com

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One Minute Message is a weekly podcast, with a new episode released every Tuesday throughout 2019.

Our guests include impact entrepreneurs, creatives and social activists, each of whom has a passion and a vision to share with the world. 

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