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The Founder and CEO of the Regnier Foundation,   Nanci Regnier alerts us all (men especially) to the atrocities hidden behind our adult diversions. Watch now.

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For close to 20 years I have lived my life as a citizen of the world, moving between homes in three countries (US, UK and France) several times a year. I work with people on every continent in many walks of life. My biggest takeaway:  human beings long to have an impact on their world, and each has a role to play. This podcast is dedicated to people all around the world who listen, act and never give up. Thanks for tuning in.

- Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Nanci Regnier

Founder and CEO

 The Regnier Foundation

Meet Nanci Regnier

The Regnier Foundation, under the guidance of founder, Nanci Regnier, is an advocacy group seeking to provide safe housing for victims of sex trafficking. While the shortfall is vast, Nanci will leverage her real estate expertise and channel donations toward the purchase of properties suitable for safe housing and supportive services to be managed by organizations already dedicated to combating the evils of human trafficking nationwide. Human trafficking and sexual exploitation of minors destroys the lives of its victims, robbing them of any hope of a normal childhood, dignity or love. She urges us all to live with greater awareness and alertness to this human atrocity happening right under our noses and how male demand drives this underground industry of exploitation. If you see something, know something or can help in any way, do not hesitate to visit the Regnier Foundation Website for support. You can also join the growing community of Warriors in the fight to end sex trafficking.

Discover: The Regnier Foundation

Katherine Robertson-Pilling
Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Creator of One Minute Message

Meet Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Katherine Robertson-Pilling is a Strategic Creativity Coach, Author, Entrepreneur, and Founder of Art & Soul Productions LLC. Using her trademarked innovation framework – The Wheel of Creativity®– she facilitates online and in-person workshops and courses that empower people to accomplish their goals and fulfil their intentions. She coaches successful entrepreneurs, creatives and change makers around the world who need a clear pathway with easy actions to move to the next level in their personal and professional lives.

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