The Wheel of Creativity  

  • Setting any goalpersonal or professional – creates a gap between where you are and where you want to be. It’s uncomfortable. How you manage that gap determines your effectiveness, your impact, and the quality of your life. The Wheel of Creativity shows you every step of the gap and how to navigate it to reach the other side successfully.

The Wheel of Creativity is a universal framework of the creative process.

The 12 stations of the Wheel are required passage in the creation of anything new. In this inspiring book, Katherine Robertson-Pilling illuminates the unexplored corners of each part of the cycle, revealing the tasks and rewards in each.

The 12-station process will empower you to:

    • Discover where you are today in relation to the life you long for
    • Choose conscious, creative responses to whatever you’re facing
    • Set tangible goals and objectives for creating what’s next
    • Achieve the tasks required to profit from your creative process
    • Unlock patterns that keep you from moving ahead

What will it take for you?

To live the life you love? To love the life you’re living?

The results you produce in your life begin deep within you and work their way out from there. Change your relationship to Life and your results will change. Your desire for something more is your starting place.

“Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.” Helen Keller’s famous words are still true today. The ultimate creative adventure is being alive. The Wheel of Creativity is a compass for the journey.