Station 6: Crisis

Experience: Panic | Task: Focus | Reward: Capture

Elon Musk, Founder SpaceX and Tesla

Being an entrepreneur is like eating glass and staring into the abyss of death.

Station 6: Crisis

There comes a point in every innovative process when you begin to lose control; otherwise you're not pushing far enough. This is a place of questions more than answers. The quality of your questions will get you the answers you need eventually. But be prepared to ride the dragon until you get them.



    • How are you in crisis or overwhelm in this area of your life? What is making you panic?


    • Crisis is the doorway to invention. Here’s how to seize the opportunity.
    • Think about a time (past or present) when you felt completely overwhelmed, out of control. How do you typically react in such situations? What’s the typical outcome?
    • Crisis leads to Chaos, the opposite of Home: the unfamiliar, unknown, disordered, unpredictable and unstable. Describe your experience here. What could surrender offer?


  • Identify the forces (people, systems, failures, lacks) pushing you down or holding you back. How do they threaten your (or your company's) survival?
  • List the questions you need to be asking to give yourself clarity. What answers do have today?
  • What questions are still unanswered? Go get those answers.


Check in with your Facebook group or your accountability partner.

Measure your Learning

  • What are the questions you need to shift the crisis? What clear actions will move you through the unknown? Prioritize them. Schedule them.

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