Station 8: Gestation

Experience: Urgency | Task: Relax | Reward: Faith

Fennel Hudson, A Waterside Year - Fennel's Journal - No. 2

Doing nothing can be as rewarding as doing something. And doing very little can be as productive, in a creative sense, as doing a lot.

Station 8: Gestation

For all of the frenetic working we do in our lives and business, some things still just take time to develop. And that can be quite uncomfortable. So, as in the last station, a lot of the work here is internal. You are asked to deal with the emotions of urgency that make you want to act too soon; and, if you do, you risk everything you've done so far.



  • In what ways do you feel you’re waiting in this area of your life?
  • What do you feel must happen for things to be okay?
  • What would happen if you let go and trusted the process?
  • What do you wish you could believe about this process but aren’t quite sure yet?


    • Some things can’t be rushed. Some things take time. Take a breath now. Wait and see what comes.
    • Describe the urgency you feel. Give it words. What is frustrating you? Worrying you? What is driving you to act? Remind yourself of your original vision - how close do you think you are? What kind of damage might you do if you act too soon? What potentiality would make waiting worthwhile?


    • As the waiting continues in this quarter, there is an even greater sense of unknown than before. You have taken action but now things are really outside your control. So there is nothing to do but wait. How can you use the time?


                Check in with your Facebook group or your accountability partner. 

Measure your Learning

                 What are you learning – about yourself or your business – through the act of waiting?

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