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One Minute Message is a  new podcast series, just launched in 2019 to celebrate the transformative power of Creative Vision. Join Creator and Host Katherine Robertson-Pilling every Tuesday as she asks international  influencers and global thought leaders (familiar and undiscovered), "What is your One Minute Message for the world?" What is your message?

Episode 17. Earthan Raastoff, Author Cellution, Co-Founder Humanity L.A.B.

He is a public speaker and author of a book-in-progress, Cellution; presenting a methodology on how to re-activate inherent human traits long lost in human civilization – to optimize individual expression, emotional navigation, cognitive capacity and collaborative leadership – for ALL living beings. Watch Episode 17.

Elechia Morgan and Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Episode 16. Elechia Morgan, Founder/Owner MuscleRx

Elechia Morgan hasn't just started an innovative small wellness business; she has pioneered a new method of health care that offers patients a 95% cure rate for chronic pain and wellness professionals a new business model. And she has just five words for what pains you. Watch Episode 16.

Barbara and Niko Basalgète, Owners of Badaboom Bistrot Végetal

Episode 15. Barbara and Niko Basalgète, Owners, Badaboom Bistrot Végétal

The owners of an award-winning vegan bistro in Nice, France, Barbara and Niko Basalgète provide a revitalizing space offering a healthy and convivial gastronomic experience. They want you to know self-care is a selfless act, so stop feeling guilty about putting your well-being first. Watch Episode 15.

Vikki Thomas, Transformational Guru

Vikki Thomas, Transformational Guru

Episode 14. Vikki Thomas, Transformational Guru

Transformational Guru and Founder of Mother & Daughter Incorporated, Vikki Thomas, has a keen understanding of the tough balancing act mothers and daughters face to maintain a productive relationship while one or both are aiming for business success. Watch Episode 14.

Gert Olefs One Minute Message

Gert Olefs with Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Episode 13. Gert Olefs, Founder, World Peace 2035 

The founder of World Peace 2035, an international citizen's initiative for world peace, makes the seemingly impossible dream so much more conceivable and achievable than you previously thought. Watch Episode 13.

Episode 12. Jessica Joseph, Creative Strategist and Humanity Activist 

Creative Strategist, Humanity Activist and co-founder of The Humanity L.A.B, Jessica Joseph has some reassuring words for anyone feeling alone in the unpleasant parts of their life journey. Stop and think with us. Watch Episode 12.

Katherine Robertson-Pilling and Anja Blaj

Episode 11. Anja Blaj, Head of Advocacy European Blockchain Hub 

International blockchain legal consultant Anja Blaj will surprise you with the powerful simplicity of her message to the world. Stop and think with us. Watch Episode 11.

Episode 10. Pratik Moholkar, Founder/CEO, Pratik Moholkar Properties 

Pratik Moholkar, one of the UK's youngest, most successful Real-Estate Investors has some key words of wisdom for other young people who wish to succeed at being entrepreneurs.   Watch Episode 10.

Nanci Regnier tells Katherine Robertson-Pilling how we can help women and children caught in sex-trafficking

Episode 9. Nanci Regnier, Founder/CEO The Regnier Foundation.

Nanci Regnier alerts us all (men especially) about how close sex trafficking can be to us and how we can help the women and children caught in its web.                      Watch Episode 9.

Christine Glidden and Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Episode 8. Christine Glidden. Founder/President, Women To Be.

If you think every girl deserves the chance to live her dreams, Christine Glidden's scalable solution will inspire you.  Watch Episode 8.

Episode 7. Lindsay Carricarte-Jones & Christopher Jones. 

Hug Your Chaos. Do you find chaos daunting? Lindsey and Chris, founders of Hug Your Chaos Coaching, want you to learn how to embrace it with fearless contentment.        Watch Episode 7.

Learn the secret to more confidence in one minute

Episode 6. Philip Sykes. The British School of Etiquette.

If you want more confidence in any situation, Founder of The British School of Etiquette Philip Sykes shares how you can boost your confidence and influence through the power of etiquette.  Watch Episode 6.

John Rankins with Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Episode 5. John Rankins. The Millionaire Maker.

If you are tired of living by default, John Rankins shares his secret for living life by design.  Watch Episode 5.

Katherine Robertson-Pilling with Shanil Singh

Episode 4. Shanil Singh, Entrepreneur and Researcher.

If you think conflict in the innovation process is a problem, Shanil Singh shares a powerful idea that will make you think again.  ​Watch Episode 4.

Episode 3. Christina McMasters & Filippo Morici, Entrepreneurs.

If you have an idea, young digital entrepreneurs Christina McMasters and Filippo Morici share one thing to do and on thing not to do with it.  Watch Episode 3.

Episode 2. Margaret Rose-Goddard, Serial Social Entrepreneur.

Whatever is happening to you in life, Margaret Rose-Goddard shares the one thing that will define who you are. Watch Episode 2.

Episode 1. Angela Go, Executive Coach & Trainer.

If you want to make any difference in the world, Angela Go shares one secret without which you will never be successful. Watch Episode 1.

Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Welcome. Katherine Robertson-Pilling, Creator & Host.

Welcome to the One Minute Message podcast page, where every week I'll showcase a new change maker whose vision has inspired me. And they'll share their message with you. Watch the series welcome.