The Wheel of Creativity

Do you dream of something more?

Whatever your dream, my mission is to ensure that you fulfill it, so that you don’t have to live (or die) regretting what you didn’t do. What makes my work unique is The Wheel of Creativity, my 12-stage framework of the creative process, which I detail in my book. The Wheel shows you every step of the process, what to expect there, what to do and how to keep moving forward to harvest a vision that truly nourishes you.

The results you produce in your life begin deep within you and work their way out from there. Your desire for something more – what I call Hunger – launches you into a creative cycle.

Setting any goal – personal or professional – creates a gap between where you are and where you want to be. It’s uncomfortable. How you manage that gap determines your effectiveness, your impact, and the quality of your life.

The Wheel of Creativity shows you every step of the gap  – the path from where you are now to where you want to be – and how to navigate it to reach the other side successfully. The 12 stations of the Wheel bring you full circle with the harvest that not only feeds you but also nourishes the world around you. This is your birthright.

Picking up the Wheel of Creativity will empower you to:

  • Unlock dreams you have kept hidden even from yourself
  • Discover where you are today in relation to the life you long for
  • Set tangible goals and objectives for creating what’s next
  • Achieve the tasks required to profit from your creative process
  • Unlock patterns that keep you from moving ahead

Even if you simply choose to read the book, you’ll recognize yourself and your challenges somewhere in the Wheel and learn exactly what you need to do to keep moving forward in what matters most to you.

Because we all learn differently I’ve created different ways for you to access the Wheel… from online courses and group coaching programs to private coaching packages and elite retreats.

Wherever you want to go next in your life, you need a compass to get there. That compass is the Wheel of Creativity, and I will show you how to use it.