One Minute Message Podcast Library

One Minute Message is a brand new podcast series, just launched in 2019 to celebrate the transformative power of Creative Vision. Join Creator and Host Katherine Robertson-Pilling every Tuesday as she asks international  influencers and global thought leaders (familiar and undiscovered), "What is your One Minute Message for the world?" What is your message?

John Rankins with Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Episode 5. John Rankins. The Millionaire Maker.

If you are tired of living by default, John Rankins shares his secret for living life by design.  Watch Episode 5.

Katherine Robertson-Pilling with Shanil Singh

Episode 4. Shanil Singh, Entrepreneur and Researcher.

If you think conflict in the innovation process is a problem, Shanil Singh shares a powerful idea that will make you think again.  ​Watch Episode 4.

Episode 3. Christina McMasters & Filippo Morici, Entrepreneurs.

If you have an idea, young digital entrepreneurs Christina McMasters and Filippo Morici share one thing to do and on thing not to do with it.  Watch Episode 3.

Episode 2. Margaret Rose-Goddard, Serial Social Entrepreneur.

Whatever is happening to you in life, Margaret Rose-Goddard shares the one thing that will define who you are. Watch Episode 2.

Episode 1. Angela Go, Executive Coach & Trainer.

If you want to make any difference in the world, Angela Go shares one secret without which you will never be successful. Watch Episode 1.

Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Welcome. Katherine Robertson-Pilling, Creator & Host.

Welcome to the One Minute Message podcast page, where every week I'll showcase a new change maker whose vision has inspired me. And they'll share their message with you. Watch the series welcome.