be happy

11:30 AM It is very windy here today. Big gusts of wind come blowing through the flat unannounced and depart again as quickly. I like to keep my doors open whenever I can, blocked with various heavy objects, from cans of chick peas to fuchsia-colored dumbbells. But this morning, that was not enough. I was away from my desk after two hours nonstop of staring and typing.  So much to do these days: Finishing the book proposal. Writing the first Wheel of Creativity QuickStart. Testing it. Setting up my first event tour. Getting this blog launched (argh!). Finally, by 10:00 I was so hungry I had a headache. So, there I was at the stove cooking my delicious eggs and broccoli, when the big blustery blast of wind came through. I could hear it coming, but it always happens too fast to act. I went first to lower the parasol, which has a tendency to fly away under these conditions. By the time I got that down, the kitchen door had evaded its guard and slammed shut. At the same instant, I heard a crash in my office I’ve not heard before. I glanced around quickly, but my eggs were calling (and burning). So I returned to the stove, served up my eggs and ate them at the sunny (parasol-free) table on the balcony. I ate a bit too fast, remembering halfway through to thank the food for sharing its life force with me. Enjoying the vivid blue of the sea in the distance. A moment of bliss. Breakfast over, dishes washed, I returned to my desk. The first thing I saw was a smattering of business cards on the floor beneath the piano. The next thing I saw was a picture on the floor against the wall with its back to me. As soon as I picked it up, I laughed.  “be happy”, it says. Years ago, I found this cartoon by Monica Sheehan in the back of RealSimple magazine. I loved it so much that I pulled it out and framed it. Simple:  12 delightful reminders in words and pictures, such as “Love your work.” And “Stay inspired.” For days now, I’ve been asking to be restored to balance. Today, the wind came calling to answer my prayer. Off now to the store for a new piece of glass.