QuickStart eBook Download

WOC QuickStart cover copy Welcome to the Wheel of Creativity QuickStart. Congratulations on taking this step in your own personal path to success. This QuickStart eBook has practical exercises to help you understand where you are in the Wheel of Creativity. It’s an easy first step to begin using the Wheel in your business or creative projects as well as your daily life. You’ll find:

  • Explanations of the key elements of the Wheel of Creativity
  • Questions to make you think and help you understand your situation more clearly
  • A creative toolbox of intentional actions to bring creativity to every aspect of your life.

Click this link for the Wheel of Creativity QuickStart ebook to open and save the ebook to your device. Enjoy the process and reach out to me on Facebook to let me know what you learn! The Wheel of Creativity on Facebook