One Minute Message Digest April 2019

Posted on May 17, 2019

Podcast Digest - April 2019

We are in May, five months into the One Minute Message podcast series which airs a new episode every Tuesday. This series started from my desire to give passionate people – thought leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, change makers and “ordinary people" – a platform where they can be heard.

 As we celebrate Spring and all the new life and hope it brings, this monthly digest of all the episodes that aired in the month of April will make you feel incredibly optimistic even in the midst of all the chaos happening in the world. We are happy to share the thoughts of people who are all about bringing light and hope to many. From the opportunities of new technology, to the opportunities for deeper human connection through dark times, to the productivity to be found even in tumultuous mother-daughter relationships and most of all, the biggest, boldest goal of World Peace.

Yes! It is possible.  If you need some hope about what the future can hold, have a watch. If you want to inspire some optimism in others, please share. Let us keep the connections going. I would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

Vikki Thomas, Transformational Guru

Vikki Thomas, Transformational Guru

Episode 14. April 23, 2019.      ​

Vikki Thomas, Transformational Guru

"As an entrepreneurial mother..." Watch now.

Gert Olefs One Minute Message

Gert Olefs with Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Episode 13. April 16, 2019.               

Gert Olefs, Founder, World Peace 2035

"World Peace is absolutely..." Watch now.

Episode 12. April 9, 2019.               

Jessica Joseph, Lead Creative Strategist, U-SOLVE SELE, Co-Founder Humanity L.A.B.

"If you're authentic and honest..."  Watch now.

Katherine Robertson-Pilling and Anja Blaj

Episode 11. April 2, 2019.               

Anja Blaj, Head of Advocacy European Blockchain Hub

"By reconnecting we can..." Watch now.

What is your One Minute Message to the world?

My mission is to do all I can to have  the message of each of these "ordinary visionaries" goes viral. You can help. Choose the podcast that speaks most to you and share it. Or just just use the links below to share this entire digest. Because...

My larger mission is to empower people like you with vision to clarify your purpose in this world, focus your vision into an achievable project with actionable steps, and to overcome the mental and emotional habits that stop you in your tracks. Join the community to find out more.

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