One Minute Message Digest June 2019

Podcast Digest - June 2019

Was June a little more eventful than you’re accustomed to? For many the start of Summer brought drastic changes, frustrating setbacks, huge challenges and yet within all of it, new opportunities. I truly hope that the One Minute Message podcast series provided something to keep you optimistic through it all. Life came fast at me this month but I never lost sight of this important media platform that allows thought leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, change makers and “ordinary people" a chance to inspire others.

Things are not going to slow down as we surge headlong into the second half of 2019. It is important now more than ever not to lose your focus. There is so much distraction. There is so much seeming chaos. There is so much change. This Digest of June’s One Minute Message podcasts feature people who’ve changed  countries, wrestled with drastic changes, navigated the turbulence of competing narratives and even taken on global-sized challenges.  

When it all gets too much, remember that ordinary people like you and me can take on more, risk more, handle more and explore more than we think. Let's keep the connections going. I'd love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

Edward Kosior, Managing Director, Nextek Ltd, shares his One Minute Message with Wheel of Creativity Author, Katherine Robertson-Pilling.

Episode 22. July 2, 2019.      ​

Ed Kosior, Managing Director, Nextek Ltd.

"Take on the biggest challenges..." Watch now.

Katherine Robertson-Pilling and Carley Deardorff

Episode 21. June 25, 2019.               

 Carley Deardorff, Marketing Expert

"Make new ideas take shape..." Watch now.

Dana Kennedy, France-based Foreign Correspondent, shares her One Minute Message with Wheel Of Creativity Author and Life Coach, Katherine Robertson-Pilling.

Episode 20. June 11, 2019.               

Dana Kennedy, French-based Correspondent 

"Manage the chaos of bad news..."  Watch now.

Wiebke VonSchnurbein, Octogenarian, from Germany, shares her One Minute Message

Episode 19. June 3, 2019.               

Wiebke VonSchnurbein, Octogenarian, from Germany

"Afraid of taking those big leaps..." Watch now.

What is your One Minute Message to the world?

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