One Minute Message Digest – May 2019

Posted on Jun 4, 2019

Podcast Digest - May 2019

May is over and we are approaching the halfway mark of 2019. As we come to a major turning point of the year, our One Minute Message podcast series continues to inspire those who encounter our new episodes every Tuesday. This series started from my desire to give passionate people – thought leaders, entrepreneurs, influencers, change makers and “ordinary people" – a platform where they can be heard.

 Ahead of us is the pinnacle of Summer and then the major change once again as days get shorter. How willing are you to change, to bend, to flex and stretch yourself beyond what you thought yourself capable of, in order to realize your true potential and offer the world the best of you? It is poignant and serendipitous that May's contributors to the One Minute Message podcasts were all people who fearlessly altered themselves for something greater. From leaving the security of corporate life to save the planet, to reinventing their bodily health and strength; from leaving human-invented conventions behind to live in accordance with authentic biological imperatives, to  starting a new life as health bistro owners to encourage well-being in others.  

Change is the only constant. Will you stop fighting it and allow it to re-shape you in the best possible ways by embracing it?  Get inspiration from those who embrace change. Let us keep the connections going. I would love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

Episode 18. May 28, 2019.      ​

Wim Kiezenberg, Founder, Everyday Earth

"We have a system that has..." Watch now.

Episode 17. May 21, 2019.               

Earthan Raastoff, Author Cellution, Co-Founder Humanity L.A.B.

"Begin living as what we are..." Watch now.

Elechia Morgan and Katherine Robertson-Pilling

Episode 16. May 14, 2019.               

Elechia Morgan, Founder/Owner MuscleRx

"Get out of your head..."  ​Watch now.​

Barbara and Niko Basalgète, Owners of Badaboom Bistrot Végetal

Episode 15. May 7, 2019.               

Barbara and Niko Basalgète, Owners, Badaboom Bistrot Végétal

"If each person is able to take..." Watch now.

What is your One Minute Message to the world?

My mission is to do all I can to have  the message of each of these "ordinary visionaries" goes viral. You can help. Choose the podcast that speaks most to you and share it. Or just just use the links below to share this entire digest. Because...

My larger mission is to empower people like you with vision to clarify your purpose in this world, focus your vision into an achievable project with actionable steps, and to overcome the mental and emotional habits that stop you in your tracks. Join the community to find out more.

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