Mark Dupont (20 July 2016) London UK

Posted on Jul 2, 2016

July 2, 2016

"The conception of life as a creative adventure, the idea that our lives are made up of the full fabric of our natures, with all our complex (and often contradictory) urges, that living ‘creatively’ requires finding our deepest values – setting us on a journey that can lead us in directions we might never have foreseen, perhaps leading us to abandon what we believed our ‘goals’ were, or should be – this was for me a refreshing statement of the truth of life when I heard Katherine speak last weekend (at the ‘Wealth Beyond Money’ workshop). I have never heard the complexity of life honoured quite like this before. ... Katherine presented a framework for viewing and approaching our lives which embraces this uncertainty and the multiplicity of life and encouraged us to see life as a creative process and as a quest - to find our essential values and strive to live in harmony with them, knowing that life must be a journey of discovery."

  • Mark Dupont (20 July 2016) London UK

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