Welcome to the Wheel

You have a dream. And it needs your attention. I’m Katherine Robertson-Pilling, creative (r)evolutionary and author of the Wheel of Creativity®. I believe that every human being is creative and that creating what we long for is the path to personal meaning and world peace.

My mission is to empower smart, conscious achievers like you to clear the obstacles (inner and outer) and make your life longing real in the world, so that you can be truly, madly deeply alive and ensure that you die without regrets.

I’ve mapped every step along that path in my proprietary framework, the Wheel of Creativity. The Wheel shows you every step you need to take to complete the process: from clarifying your vision into an idea to relating your idea to the world, from incubating your prototype to producing the final work in the world. Once you’ve completed the cycle, not only will you have a finished project; the process itself will have changed you.

Get started.