The Wheel of Creativity® is a powerful framework that will forever change the way you look at your life.

Wheel of Creativity events offer you a direct personal experience of the principles of the Wheel of Creativity.

Katherine Robertson-Pilling will inspire you and challenge you to think, feel, aspire and take action from a new perspective. From motivational speeches from the stage to monthly online sessions, each is designed to help you…

  • Free your Mindset
  • Ignite your Spirit
  • Channel your Emotions
  • Ground your Actions

Virtual events

Virtual events like the Virtual Studio Day and Reset Your Strategy for Success make it easy to take hold of the Wheel of Creativity and learn to apply it to your life. Wherever in the world you are (and you’ll find our students all over the world), these online courses, groups, trainings and meet-ups connect you instantly with our creative community… and your own power to change the course of your life.

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Live events

From innovation think-tanks to organizational trainings, from world-class networking events to personal retreats, live Wheel of Creativity events will inspire you and train you to think creatively and act authentically to dramatically improve your results in any area of your life you choose.

Learn to innovate.

Experience your own power to create.

If there’s one thing Katherine excels at, it’s creating safe spaces (from five to 2,500 people) where you can

  • clarify what you’re here to do in the world
  • navigate the process from here to there
  • make sure you get paid to make it real

Click or email us to find out about events scheduled near you… or organize one for your workplace or group.

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