A Good Day to Die

Posted on Jul 19, 2013

iStock_000014126854XSmallI’m in bed, unable to sleep. Maybe I’m still jet-lagged after 10 weeks in the States, but there’ve been a few sleepless nights in the last two weeks. I’ve noticed something on a couple of these nights, like tonight: I find myself thinking about dying. It’s not that I want to die, nor am thinking about killing myself. I am simply thinking about what it would be like to not wake up tomorrow.

Today I spent 67 minutes on the phone, calling people I know who I feel are making a significant contribution to peace in the world. I just wanted to acknowledge each of them for the difference they’ve made for me and for what I see them doing to make a difference for others. Here they are:

  1. FF. Film producer,  and survivor of the South
  2. TM. Teacher helping children express themselves in writing
  3. BH. TV producer, talk show host and w.i.l.d. guy
  4. LL. Psychologist helping people recover from addiction
  5. TM. Husband and father creating a family in love
  6. EN. Artist, photographer, writer and self-healer
  7. DD. Counselor, writer and wise woman
  8. JC. Filmmaker, radio presenter and creative blessing
  9. CR. Teacher and advocate for meaningful life after prison
  10. BB. Juicer, yogi, mother and bright spirit
  11. TF. Corporate executive and peaceful communicator
  12. SG. Mother, coach, home-maker and dynamo
  13. HL. Singer, marketing maven and social activist
  14. BH. Climber, meditator, community builder
  15. DR. Freedom fighter

Several of these people teared up on the phone; others sent me an email afterward expressing how touched they were. Most acknowledged the challenges I know they face, admitted that they are working very hard and that sometimes they feel alone. That’s why I called them.

So tonight as I lie here once again unable to sleep, with this thought going through my head (what would it be like if I didn’t wake up tomorrow?), I reflect on these calls. If today were that day for me, I would feel contented, because today I know that a few people in the world were reminded just how special they are. Simply really. I might try it again sometime, if I wake up.

Who might be needing a call like that from you today? Make it.

(Tired now. Going to sleep.)

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