Creativity Q&A: One Step to Instant Serenity

Q: I’m so busy attending to all the important things in my life that I end up being stressed out with the people I love. Can the Wheel of Creativity help me manage the conflicting priorities of a very busy life?

A: This is a question I think we can all relate to. I know I can! No matter how important the things in our life are, they are not as important as the people. But it’s up to each of us to create the containers for our time that nourish and fulfill us.


The Tyranny of the Urgent

One of life’s greatest challenges is to manage the feeling of urgency that comes up in response to our circumstances and the passage of time. It’s so difficult to step back and detach from that urgency, but stepping back is how you return to your own center. And that is where all your answers lie. At your center you are deeply connected with your own Source, the free flowing creative energy of life.

From Spin to Stillness

The Wheel of Creativity distinguishes between Form and Essence: the finite forms of life on the perimeter of the Wheel and the eternal essence of life at the center. It is incredibly easy to get so wrapped up in what’s going on out there that you completely forget that you are at the center of it all, resting in Source.

When you become too attached to the circumstances on the outside of the Wheel you get caught in the centrifugal force. But no matter what you are juggling today, no matter how many priorities you need to balance, the unchanging, silent stillness is instantly available at the center of the Wheel with a simple shift in focus.

Daily Centering with Meditation

One of the most effective ways I have found to return to that center is meditation. Meditation does not have to be complicated, lengthy, or even hard. It simply means detaching from every thing and returning to the essence of life, always there within you. Whether you are sitting, walking, swimming, working or eating, you can use that experience to return to your center.

I have so much faith in the truth of this principle that I have created a simple guided meditation to share with you. It is absolutely free. Return to your center, find your timeless essence, and reconnect with your Source wherever you are at any time of day. Click here to download. If you’ve already downloaded it, remember to use it when you’re feeling scattered. Everything you need to manage on the perimeter of your life flows more easily from the center.

Has meditation worked for you? Share your story!

And live CREATIVE!

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