Creativity Q&A

Creativity Q&A: Does Your Vision Always Come True?

I love to get questions from the Wheel of Creativity community, and whenever it seems  they’d be useful for all of you, I like to post them here. This week’s question comes from Barbara Basalgète, who has been part of the Wheel of Creativity in Nice for several years now. She continues to touch my […]

Creativity Q&A: What will it take for you to start living your dream?

When I returned our empty cups, I asked the woman at the counter how long she’d been there. So began another spontaneous conversation in creativity. The woman introduced herself as Louise and told me she had taken over the building in….

Creativity Q&A: Direction of The Wheel of Creativity

Q: “I’ve seen a diagram of the wheel at one of your seminars. Is there a particular order or direction that is followed along the wheel, and if there is, is there ever an occasion to experience the steps out of sequence?”

Creativity Q&A: One Step to Instant Serenity

Q: I’m so busy attending to all the important things in my life that I end up being stressed out with the people I love. Can the Wheel of Creativity help me manage the conflicting priorities of a very busy life?