Creativity Q&A: How Do I Use the Wheel?

Q:  What is the practical use of the Wheel of Creativity and how can it help me get the best out of every day?

– Sebastian


A:  Thank you, Sebastian, for posing the question I hear from almost everyone. The Wheel of Creativity identifies 12 stages of the process and shows you the tasks you need to achieve to move through each one. How???

Okay. Let’s give it a go.



You Are Here

The Wheel of Creativity is at its essence a tool of understanding. It shows you where you are in relation to the life you want today. It helps you:

  • Choose conscious and creative responses to your present circumstances
  • Identify what you want to create next in your day or your life
  • Set tangible goals and objectives for creating it
  • Achieve the tasks required to profit from each stage of your creative process
  • Use your present circumstances as a path of personal transformation

This is the high-level overview of your life through the lens of the Wheel. That view is as useful to how you go through your day as it is to how you build your business. But the Wheel gives direction to your life on the ground as well as in the heavens.

Stop, Look and Listen and Then Cross the Street

The Wheel walks you step-by-step through the 12 stations of creating anything. By the time you’ve made the tour, you will have mastered the four distinct quarters in the cycle of creation.

  1. Vision:  What do I want? What do I long for today?
  2. Exploration: What can I do about that? And what is available out there to help me?
  3. Incubation: What’s occurring that’s beyond my control? How can I stay open? How can I assist the seeds of my longing to grow?
  4. Cultivation: What is required to produce the result? What kind of action is required? How does this lead me toward my ultimate aim?

Framing your daily choices in the context of a higher purpose gives your life direction. By understanding your decisions as part of a larger creative process you call your life, simple things inspire you, obstacles become opportunities, and everything in your life has meaning.

So go on then. Live CREATIVE!


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