Disappointment and the Creative Path

the creative path

Disappointment is the first stone on the creative path. But it’s the second stone that counts. Creativity –what I lived for – no longernourishes my soul. A few weeks ago, I made a promise to a friend. I started writing one haiku every day. It was all I could commit to. This friend calls me “The Poet.” In his eyes, what I say, how I see things, my relationship with the world is all poetry. I feel slightly embarrassed by his reflection, but I humbly agree.He takes me back to...

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Escape the Noise to Hear Your Creative Voice.

Have you noticed, with all the technological connections you now have, that you’re feeling less connected? Let’s talk about noise, silence, and an opportunity to hear your own creative voice.   Learn more about this Wheel of Creativity event.   Register here for this event on the Ghost Ranch website.   But don’t wait! Registration will be closing very soon.

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Four Common Denominators of the Innovator’s Attitude #2: Give up the Good for the Great.

Give up the Good for the Great

“Whenever anything is being accomplished, it is being done, I have learned, by a monomaniac with a mission.” – Peter Drucker Richard Branson started an airline because his plane from Puerto Rico to his lover in the British Virgin Islands was cancelled. Mark Zuckerberg created the first version of Facebook to help students find hot dates. Elon Musk started Tesla to reduce global warming.  Innovators are driven to make things better, and they take risks on...

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“Do what you love, the money will follow.” The rest of the story.

black box of success

Do what you love, the money will follow. Popularized in the 90s by a self-help book of the same title this idea was then revisited 15 years later in another successful book, The Secret. Ideas like these have led millions of  personal development seekers to believe that all you have to do is change your thinking, and your life will change. But when you do and it doesn’t you’re left wondering, “What did I do wrong?” Too good to be true?  What’s missing in this magic formula...

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I could have done more

Two weeks ago, I was in Texas for a family reunion. Driving back to Houston from the reunion in Austin, my cousins and I stopped into a gas station in the town of Giddings. We were on the buckle of the Bible belt when we pulled up in front of the station’s convenience store. As we parked, I noticed a person lying on the ground – half on the sidewalk, half on a stack of big bags of corn. I couldn’t tell if this dark-skinned person – dirty and unkempt, seemingly...

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There’s no place like home

For most of this year friends and family have watched me flitting around three countries trying to make a first home for my husband and me. I knew 2014 would be a difficult year, as we consolidate the scattered lives of two adults “of a certain age” from three countries into one. I had no idea! Some things in life just take time. Many times what you want, as clear as you may be about it, just doesn’t happen right away. And getting from here to there takes effort, energy and...

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