Radical Gratitude: A Place for The World at Your Thanksgiving Table

Without question, these are difficult times. We live in a world where unspeakable suffering must coexist with our personal blessings. We hold horrific images in the palms of our hands, the devastation of war(s), the desperation of hundreds of thousands displaced by one crisis after the next. How can we reconcile our own abundance with the stark realities faced by so many others? Gratitude and compassion intersect.

12 Days of Creativity 2012 – Day 8

December 21, 2012. Whether you’re stockpiling food for the apocalypse or buying booze for your end-of-the-world party, take a moment to reflect on your part in this passing moment.

12 Days of Creativity 2012 – Day 1

Christmas is upon us. So each day from now until then, drop by the Wheel of Creativity blog for a deep breath of spirit in the midst of the festive flurry.