personal transformation

Creating Space: How Receptivity Transforms You and Your Creative Projects

Today we find ourselves in a noisy world where attention is our most precious commodity. We’re all seeking it, but we find it difficult to give for more than a few seconds at a time. What is this costing us? We who create long to express ourselves, and to have our creative work acknowledged. We want to be seen and heard, witnessed, received. But if all we’re doing is expressing ourselves, who is listening?

The Gift of a Dying Mother: Reflections on Taking Your Turn

Twenty-seven years ago, as my mother lay dying in her bed, she looked up at me, drew a deep breath and exhaled these words: “I never got my turn.” What did she mean? Now, as I’ve lived more of my life, I wonder if “taking her turn” was something more essential, something deeper than any circumstantial redirections.

All This Rage: What’s the Creative Response to Anger?

If we don’t learn to take responsibility for our part in the world we’ve co-created – by our acts or our failures to act – we will continue to reenact the past. So, when you get angry, rather than suppressing your anger, you can learn to move into it, channel it and use it to solve our problems in ways no one’s ever tried.

12 Steps to Create a Life You’ll Love to Live. Step 7.

If you’re looking for a new solution, and all the doing and working is not effective, try letting go. Open up and receive what life is trying to give you.