12 Steps to Create a Life You’ll Love to Live. Step 7.

12Steps_7 - Version 2Can you remember a time in your life when things felt really overwhelming? What got you through it? Did you work your way through it? Or did something appear out of the blue when you finally let go?

My personal experience is that this magic occurs on the other side of my habitual should: “If I only work harder, I can make this happen.” When I have exhausted myself doing more and more of what I know, I remember, “Oh yeah, I just have to let go; all this fighting will never produce the solution.”

On the path to original creation, this point of overwhelm always comes. If it doesn’t, it means you’re not reaching high enough. Only when you surrender to the reality of the here-and-now are you available for new possibilities.

This post is #7 in a series of 12 which take you through the 12 stages of the creative process of being alive, using the compass I outline in my book, The Wheel Of Creativity: Taking Your Place in the Adventure Of Life.

Step 7: Open up.

The seventh step in the journey is to open up. Station seven in the Wheel of Creativity is Conception. Conception is the place where you open up. Having let go in Station 6, here you become receptive to what Life has to give you. First you have to make a space to let it in. This is a fundamental shift from the active energy of doing to the receptive energy of being and receiving.

So if you’re looking for a new idea, a new possibility, a new solution, and all the doing and working and fighting is not effective, try letting go. Open up and receive what life is trying to give you. And that will lead you on to…

Step 8, Gestation, which I’ll focus on tomorrow.

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