Personal transformation

Master Your Focus:  Your Attention Recovery Plan to Get Your Life Back

My Cats Crave Attention.Human animals do too. To give someone your attention means that you care. But just like Love, the word Attention has been so coopted that we no longer recognize its sacred influence in our lives. For Espresso & Chamomile, attention means eye contact, talking and listening, play, rubbing their bellies while they purr, […]

Embrace Your Story: The Path of Authentic Expression

Explore the profound question: What story do you want to tell with your life? Join our journey to unravel and embrace your personal story, learning to distinguish your narrative from the external world and celebrate the unique life path you’ve traveled. It’s time to own the story you’re writing every day.

How You Perceive: 6 Practices to Consciously Shape Your View of the World

Unlock the power of perception with six key practices designed to enhance your understanding, creativity, and connection with the world around you. Learn how to apply mindful awareness, deep listening, and a learner’s mindset to transform your everyday experiences.

Creating Space: How Receptivity Transforms You and Your Creative Projects

Today we find ourselves in a noisy world where attention is our most precious commodity. We’re all seeking it, but we find it difficult to give for more than a few seconds at a time. What is this costing us? We who create long to express ourselves, and to have our creative work acknowledged. We want to be seen and heard, witnessed, received. But if all we’re doing is expressing ourselves, who is listening?

What Defines You? A Time to Choose.

What defines you is neither fixed nor permanent. The answer is not only a what – a particular set of characteristics assigned to you by fate or roles, preferences and beliefs acquired over time. It is also a how – how you engage with what life has dealt you. It is a series of choices through the process of living that cause you evolve and become who you define yourself to be.