All This Rage: What’s the Creative Response to Anger?

house on fire creative

Why are we all so angry? Thirty years ago I spent a day in Cook County Jail in Chicago. I was there to shoot a segment for a documentary program I was producing about prisons. That day I met 25 teenage boys (most awaiting trial on murder charges) locked in a classroom with their teacher. I felt privileged to spend the day with them, and to interview a few about their experiences. Through their program with led by their teacher Charles Rankin (based on the work of Les...

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The Story Challenge: What story do you want to tell with your life?

The Story Challenge 2022

Today is the first day of National Storytelling Week.This annual UK festival runs through February 4th and brings live storytelling to schools, theaters, pubs, town halls and anywhere the public will gather to hear stories told. In the UK, lucky school children will get a chance this week to learn to craft and share their own stories. And it just doesn’t seem fair that we don’t all get that chance. So, in celebration of this inspired event, I’ve put together a...

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Create a (r)evolution. Start with your own life. Come to Ghost Ranch.

Powerful woman in nature - Ghost Ranch

Want to change this broken world? Then meet me at Ghost Ranch. We live in a noisy world. We created technology to give us freedom and it has enslaved us. We are more productive than we’ve ever been, but we are no happier.   For all our Internet connections, we are isolated. For all our social interaction, we have lost touch. For all our discontent with the world, we feel powerless to change it.   Caught in the tightening net of materialism, we struggle to remember our...

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Heaven and Hell are Here and Now

“A soldier went to a sage and asked, ‘Is there really a paradise to live for and a hell to avoid? I sincerely request you to favour me with a clear answer.” “Who are you?” asked the sage. “I am a veteran soldier who has been honoured several times, but I am not satisfied. I am not fulfilled.” “You, a soldier!” exclaimed the sage, “Who would give you the honours? You look more like a disappointed beggar.” The solider was...

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Polarizing America – Election 2016

In just two days Americans will vote for the 45th president of the United States. But the people of our 50 states are anything but united. Workplaces are divided. Families are split. We are polarized. Most Americans I know just can’t wait for this election to be over. But as we get closer, more of us fear the outcome. November 8th is less an end than a beginning. What must we do to make it a good one? Trump v Clinton It’s easy to blame the candidates: “Donald Trump and...

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The unsolicited virtue of acceptance

Many years ago, I had a dream; and today it seems worthy of sharing. I dreamt I was running on a city street (probably Chicago as that was where I lived at the time). Someone was chasing me. I was scared. I ran and ran, ducking behind dumpsters, weaving through alleys, trying to lose this threatening aggressor who seemed intent on doing me harm. I ran to exhaustion and was just about to give up when instead I turned, faced him and drew a handgun I didn’t know I had. I...

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