What Defines You? A Time to Choose.

What Defines You

At our house, one of our favorite holiday films is Love Actually. We watch it every year. It starts and ends at the Arrivals lounge of Heathrow Terminal 5. The opening scene sparkles with smiles, tears of joy and welcoming embraces as the Narrator soothes our souls as he interprets the scene:"Whenever I get gloomy... with the state of the world, l think about the Arrivals gate… at Heathrow airport. General opinion makes that we live in a world of hatred and greed......

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Conversations for Creative Awakenings

It’s a very rainy Saturday evening here in Nice. I’ve just come home from an afternoon of conversation with two different women, both dear friends and former students in my WOC groups. Each of them touched my heart today by spontaneously sharing a turning point in her life when things changed for her – moments that occurred in my presence. In fact, I’ve had a number of touching conversations this week, many with people who were on last Sunday’s free tele-call. They’ve told...

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