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How You Perceive: 6 Practices to Consciously Shape Your View of the World

Unlock the power of perception with six key practices designed to enhance your understanding, creativity, and connection with the world around you. Learn how to apply mindful awareness, deep listening, and a learner’s mindset to transform your everyday experiences.

The Life In Your Years: Making Meaning in Every Decade

Each decade of life brings a developmental task we need to complete in order to move forward in our lives in strength. If any of these tasks are not achieved, we move forward in life socially, psychologically or emotionally crippled, with parts of ourselves broken and fragmented. What do you need to move forward from here?

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Your Morning Practice #4: Ground Your Actions in Reality

In Part 4 of Your Morning Practice, we’ll look at the fourth and final human system – the Body, the home of your senses and your actions. We’ve looked at the Mind, the Spirit and the Heart in this series so far. Now, we’ll explore in more detail new elements that specifically relate to the […]