creative process model

12 Steps to Create a Life You’ll Love to Live. Step 11.

Whatever you’re working on this is where you make it better. Before you take it out into the world and expect it to be successful this step is required.

12 Days of Creativity 2012 – Day 12

For much of my life I struggled with what seemed an insurmountable choice between two opposing paths: the work I did for love and the work I did for money. Now, as I harvest my new book, I can see how they work together.

Little Pink Spoon #3 from The Wheel of Creativity

I can’t say exactly when I first had the idea for this book, but its roots are there in my earliest memories of childhood. I was born into a world of other people’s agendas for me. So are we all. What place, ideology, system, etc. have you had to leave (do you need to leave) to discover the creative treasure within you?