katherine robertson-pilling

The Life In Your Years: Making Meaning in Every Decade

Each decade of life brings a developmental task we need to complete in order to move forward in our lives in strength. If any of these tasks are not achieved, we move forward in life socially, psychologically or emotionally crippled, with parts of ourselves broken and fragmented. What do you need to move forward from here?

Escape the Noise to Hear Your Creative Voice.

Have you noticed, with all the technological connections you now have, that you’re feeling less connected? Let’s talk about noise, silence, and an opportunity to hear your own creative voice.   Learn more about this Wheel of Creativity event.   Register here for this event on the Ghost Ranch website.   But don’t wait! Registration […]

Your splendid torch… But what can I do?

Almost daily I hear these words uttered in some form of despair. “But what can I do?” Our world today seems small, yet its problems overwhelm us. This place where global problems meet personal passions is where we discover who we are and why we’re here. IMHO, George Bernard Shaw has always described it best. “This is the true joy in life, the […]