what can I do

Your splendid torch… But what can I do?

Almost daily I hear these words uttered in some form of despair. “But what can I do?” Our world today seems small, yet its problems overwhelm us. This place where global problems meet personal passions is where we discover who we are and why we’re here. IMHO, George Bernard Shaw has always described it best. “This is the true joy in life, the […]

I could have done more

Two weeks ago, I was in Texas for a family reunion. Driving back to Houston from the reunion in Austin, my cousins and I stopped into a gas station in the town of Giddings. We were on the buckle of the Bible belt when we pulled up in front of the station’s convenience store. As […]

walk softly and take a deep breath

I have been aware lately that I have been more nervous that usual, more anxious, more tense. I am aware that the disruption, destabilization and disasters around our world are disturbing me. What can I do? As individuals we may feel powerless, but we are not. Just as other people offer us the opportunity to look at and amend things in ourselves that hold us back, so the world today is offering us this as a species.