What in the World are you Creating? Lessons in Polarization from Physics

Electrical current flowing between two male arms

I come from a culture of black-and-white thinking. There are no shades of gray; there is no middle ground. And only the opposites are real. But for the last two-thirds of my life I have deeply questioned this line of thinking. And I have come to see it as false truth… more dangerous than ever in today’s zero-and-one digital world. According to many spiritual traditions, we live in a world of opposites. Good and Evil Light and Darkness Strength and Weakness Wealth and...

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Heaven and Hell are Here and Now

“A soldier went to a sage and asked, ‘Is there really a paradise to live for and a hell to avoid? I sincerely request you to favour me with a clear answer.” “Who are you?” asked the sage. “I am a veteran soldier who has been honoured several times, but I am not satisfied. I am not fulfilled.” “You, a soldier!” exclaimed the sage, “Who would give you the honours? You look more like a disappointed beggar.” The solider was...

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