Six Self-Care Secrets for Weary Workaholics

self care secrets for workaholics

Today is May 1​. For more than 20 years, this day has had a special meaning to me. It was at Noon on May 1​, 1996 when my mother – Juanita Thacker Hart Robertson M.D. – breathed her last labored breath and left this world. Two days before she died, she looked up at me with longing in her eyes and said, “I never got my turn.” My mother was an inspiring, remarkable human being, making a huge difference in thousands of people’s lives; she was also a workaholic.Workaholism is...

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Your creative habitat 2: Upgrade the system.

One of my greatest influences among business leaders was Stephen Covey. Author of the book The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey recognized that your effectiveness in the world begins with you. You are ultimately responsible for the quality of your life, and this begins with your habitat. Years ago I participated in one of Covey’s workshops, called “First Things First.” Weekly planning was framed in the context of the legacy you want to leave in the world when...

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