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Your Morning Practice #4: Ground Your Actions in Reality

In Part 4 of Your Morning Practice, we’ll look at the fourth and final human system – the Body, the home of your senses and your actions. We’ve looked at the Mind, the Spirit and the Heart in this series so far. Now, we’ll explore in more detail new elements that specifically relate to the […]

Playing with Fire: How Creativity Makes Dreams Come True

What I saw that night on the beach so impressed me that I went back the next night to videotape it. The four young men gave themselves completely, skillfully, joyfully, risking real injury for our pleasure, and asking nothing in return but the kindness of strangers.

invisible creativity: 3 principles for a life worth living

Creativity is the latest buzzword of success literature. When you hear the word Creativity, where does your mind take you next? Beneath all its external applications, I say Creativity is the gem of humanity, buried in the bedrock of our lives. It is up to us to dig it up and put it to use, in whatever ways our lives require.