Creating Space: How Receptivity Transforms You and Your Creative Projects

Two hands giving and receiving

I’ve just started singing lessons again after decade-long intermission. Once again, singing is teaching me more about living than any book ever could. Each breath makes a space in me for my authentic sound to come through. Using the instrument of my body to shape that sound has mostly to do with not doing something. There is a great and subtle work required to perfect that skill. This week’s lesson is to be the glove rather than the fist. And I am, once again, a...

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How does your garden grow? Inventory your creative habitat.

Spring is in the air! This month’s theme around the Wheel of Creativity is blossoming. In the March issue of the Creative Adventure Journal (my monthly eZine), I ask the question, “How’s Your Habitat?” In this blog post,  I offer some how-to’s to create a nurturing habitat for your own blossoming.  Get out your trowels. Let’s get gardening! In the natural world, habitat is the natural environment. For animals and plants it includes: Light Temperature Moisture Soil Food...

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