How does your garden grow? Inventory your creative habitat.

Posted on Mar 27, 2014

Peony in blossom

Spring is in the air!

This month’s theme around the Wheel of Creativity is blossoming.

In the March issue of the Creative Adventure Journal (my monthly eZine), I ask the question, “How’s Your Habitat?”

In this blog post,  I offer some how-to’s to create a nurturing habitat for your own blossoming.

 Get out your trowels. Let’s get gardening!

In the natural world, habitat is the natural environment. For animals and plants it includes:

  1. Light
  2. Temperature
  3. Moisture
  4. Soil
  5. Food
  6. Predators

Animals and plants know instinctively what they need to be nourished and to protect themselves, and they do this naturally. But they do not control their habitats; they rely on a self-balancing system for their well being.

We human beings are part of Nature, and her cycles affect us too. But we are complex about these things. We get lost in ourselves and forget what we know. We do have power over the quality of our habitats, but we have to practice taking care of ourselves.

No greater teacher than Nature herself.

Nature’s elements are core principles of The Wheel of Creativity. Each quarter of the Wheel corresponds to one of them; each focuses on one aspect of the human experience and what it produces in your life.

Element Quarter Human Aspect Creative Product
Air Vision Mind Thoughts
Fire Exploration Spirit Intuitions
Water Incubation Heart Emotions
Earth Cultivation Body Sensations

Nature makes it very clear that balance is essential in a habitat for blossoming to occur, and this is true for you as well.

–      There needs to be enough water but not too much.

–      There needs to be enough sun but not too much.

–      The air needs to be clean and pure.

–      The earth needs to be rich and nourishing.

–      You need to weed your garden periodically.

–      You have to cope with pests hungry for your stuff.

 Take your inventory.

So this week, I invite you to use these questions to contemplate the balance of elements in your habitat.

  1. What is the quality of your thoughts?
  2. How often do you listen to and honor your intuitions?
  3. How do your emotions affect you?
  4. How aware are you of your physical sensations?
  5. What kinds of weeds grow in your garden?
  6. What kinds of “pests” threaten your survival?

In next week’s post, I’ll show you a graphic you can create and use to shift the quality of your habitat in each of these areas.

Take a deep breath. Spring is coming to your life too!

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