The Five Elements of the Creative Life

World Creativity and Innovation Day

Today is World Creativity and Innovation Day. On April 21st, 2018  the United Nations inaugurated one day a year around the world “to raise awareness around the importance of creativity and innovation in problem solving....” More than 80 nations participated, acknowledging that creativity will be essential to achieving the UN’s global goals for sustainable development, and that the creative economy is “the true wealth of nations in the 21st century.”Six...

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Create a (r)evolution. Start with your own life. Come to Ghost Ranch.

Powerful woman in nature - Ghost Ranch

Want to change this broken world? Then meet me at Ghost Ranch. We live in a noisy world. We created technology to give us freedom and it has enslaved us. We are more productive than we’ve ever been, but we are no happier.   For all our Internet connections, we are isolated. For all our social interaction, we have lost touch. For all our discontent with the world, we feel powerless to change it.   Caught in the tightening net of materialism, we struggle to remember our...

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Come together. But how?

This morning, like 50% of the American people and a good number of our allies, I am in shock, heartbroken and grieving. The opposing 50% of Americans have won, and Donald Trump will be our next president. I could spend my day criticizing and catastrophizing, but it is not my way to moan or to blame. The way my mind works, I am always looking for the creative response, the one that answers the question, “So what will we do with this?” It’s the only thing I can see that frees...

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How does your garden grow? Inventory your creative habitat.

Spring is in the air! This month’s theme around the Wheel of Creativity is blossoming. In the March issue of the Creative Adventure Journal (my monthly eZine), I ask the question, “How’s Your Habitat?” In this blog post,  I offer some how-to’s to create a nurturing habitat for your own blossoming.  Get out your trowels. Let’s get gardening! In the natural world, habitat is the natural environment. For animals and plants it includes: Light Temperature Moisture Soil Food...

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Save the Pumpkins: A Plea from Little Jack O’Lantern

Being a city girl most of my life, I have cherished my experiences of country living, not only for the slower pace, but also for the wildlife I discovered there. This time of year, I can’t help thinking of a certain species whose season only lasts for a short time at the end of October. This week’s blog is devoted to a young lad I met a few years ago who asked me to share his tale with kind-hearted people like you. This is his story. “Hi!  My name is Jack. Katherine...

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