Cultivating Creativity with Love: Rituals to Nurture Your Creative Process

Romancing your creativity: Love Rituals for a More Creative Life

It’s Valentine’s Day!Yes, it's the day we celebrate love. But whoa! What a lot of baggage poor St. Valentine must carry these days: the anxiety, resistance and desperation felt by all those who aren’t currently “spoken for”, stirred up by marketers with products to sell. What have we lost in this disconnected definition of love?Even as we find ourselves flooded with the hues of love and passion, February is the perfect moment to cast a wider net on what love means,...

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How my mother taught me to love

I have a cupboard in my mind where I keep a collection of images from my life, and the lingering feelings that go with them.  Every Mother’s Day, there is one I must take out and look at.  It was the moment when everything changed – the day I learned something about love that I shall never forget. *** It is an Autumn day in 1993. My mother is standing by her car, waiting, watching the airport bus drive away, carrying me back home to Chicago and away from her. This day, even...

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