Your Sacred Sovereignty: Claiming Your Personal Power

Posted on Oct 14, 2022

woman with crown

What would it take for you to fully step into your power? What would it change?

For the past couple of months, I’ve been reflecting on what it means to be sovereign, especially as a woman, to stand in my power in my relationships, my work and my life. This concept of ‘sovereignty’ has been front of mind for me for a couple of reasons:  

  1.  A Queen’s Passing, of which you are no doubt aware
  2. A Queens’ Council, which I’d like to share with you now

Please read on to reflect on your own sacred sovereignty and why you simply must claim your personal power.

A Queen’s Passing

On September 8, I arrived at London Heathrow Airport to join my husband and see my stepchildren and their children and other family and friends after a three-year separation. As the plane was landing, I had the premonition: “What if she were to die while I’m in England?” Just a few hours later, Queen Elizabeth II gave up her throne forever.

For the next two weeks, Ian and I watched what Great Britain does so well: ceremony and circumstance, tradition and honor. We witnessed the emotional outpouring of the people who loved her, evidenced in tearful soundbites from high and low, seas of floral tributes across the commonwealth, and days of queuing to catch one last glimpse of her casket.

Queen Elizabeth II inherited her sovereignty, her title, her authority. There was never a question that she would take the throne; for her it was divinely ordained. It was my English husband, serving her on ships around the world for 43 years, who helped me understand the stabilizing role she played nationally and around the globe. I have personally appreciated her steadfastness to fulfill the vows she made seven decades ago and those rare occasions when her humanity slipped through the cracks in the institution.

But there’s something about serving a Sovereign that makes us forget that we too are sovereign… over our own lives.

A Divine Right

Traditionally sovereignty is defined in terms of states: "a self-governing state, supreme power or authority, the authority of a state to govern itself or another state."

Sovereignty as an institution does not move me. Personal sovereignty does.

Personal sovereignty means you have the authority to govern yourself. In my worldview, we all have the divine right to govern ourselves. Sovereignty is divinely ordained for us all.  But no one hands you your crown. Far from today’s trendy idea of “entitlement”, sovereignty is as much a responsibility as a right. Our fulfillment and our contribution rest not in the hands of the Powerful but in our own. 

The Weight of the Crown

We’ve lived through some very dark times in the world (and millions still do) when the Powerful have co-opted individual sovereignty based on whatever excuses they could find. 

Growing up as a white girl in mid-20th-century Texas, I witnessed this on many fronts: gender, skin color, politics, religion, geography, and others I was too young to understand.

But even I learned that what I thought and felt could not necessarily be trusted. I learned that I needed my parents, teachers, pastors and other authority figures to interpret and validate my life experiences for me. So, what I knew instinctively when I was born – direct from my innate connection with Source – I was required to forget. 

Over time, I learned not to see what I saw, know what I knew, feel what I felt or want what I wanted. My unique contribution to the world around me got boxed up and frozen. 

A Crown for Head and Heart

Most of us grew up in systems designed to maintain the status quo. We’ve been asked to sacrifice our sacred sovereignty on the altar of the established order. But your unique perspective is your power. And your gift to the world – which the world is desperate for – flows from it.

There is a path back to your personal power, a way back to your sovereignty. It is your one and only true path; everything else is a distraction. It starts with what you see, what you know and what you long for. 

And that brings me to my second story of sovereignty.

The Queens' Council

A Queens' Council

A couple of months ago, I met Dr. Rima Bonario, the author of a powerful new book called The Seven Queendoms. Rima invited me to be part of an extraordinary faculty of visionary teachers on sacred feminine sovereignty for a combined virtual Master Class this November. In this four-week online course, 15 beautiful teachers will help you fully step into your power, embrace your inner wisdom and embody your sacred feminine sovereignty. 

The entire course – 10 live Zoom sessions – runs from November 2-22. Each two-hour interactive session will focus on a different Queen archetype, a different aspect of sacred feminine sovereignty. In my session I will share my personal insight into the Visionary Queen – the keeper of wisdom – and a personal wisdom practice to tap into and claim what you know for sure.  

I myself have struggled to claim my crown, finding it so much more comfortable to revert to the "little Kathie Robertson" I once was than to step fully into my own power, which others often see more clearly than I do. We are going to shift these default modes together. So...

I invite you to step out and step into your own personal power now. Check out the Master Class faculty and their content here. And oh, beautiful being, if this speaks to you at all, reach out and join us in November. It is sure to be a transformative experience for us all... and all those whose lives we touch.

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