12 Days of Creativity 2012 – Day 4

Posted on Dec 16, 2012

 Christmas is upon us.

So each day from now until December 25, drop by

The Wheel of Creativity blog

for a deep breath of spirit in the midst of the festive flurry.

Let’s be creative and connected this Christmas!

It’s the best gift under the tree!


Lean back.

Take a deep breath.

Look up from the screen.



Station 4 and the Wheel of Creativity gives me… a little boat to launch

Come to the edge, he said.

They said: We are afraid.

Come to the edge, he said.

They came. He pushed them,

And they flew.

                      – Guillaume Apollinaire

It takes a lot of energy to finally launch yourself into the unknown. And what might have felt like futzing around in the previous three stations was actually necessary to build the energy for launch. Whether you finally dare to apply for a new job, start dating again or don your old yoga clothes and get back to class, this is the moment when you take the plunge and “just do it!” You have to let go.

Trusting the unexplainable

Solar physicist and computer scientist Peter Fox has learned, through 30 years of research into changes in the sun’s activity, to “look for the unexplainable” in his intuition. “As a scientist, you have to have some element of confidence in yourself,” Peter told me on the phone, “because otherwise you don’t open yourself up to the creative thought. There’s the point where you have to trust that at some level your intuition is right.

It takes what it takes to find the courage to trust your intuition completely. It’s one thing to sit on the shore and want something; it’s another thing completely to pounce. When you finally do let go of the shore, it’s the high dive. You throw back your head, feel the wind in your hair, and a great big “Wheee!!!” flies from your lips. It is pure joy! For a minute.

Trusting yourself

Optimism of course does not last forever. Even though you will soon cry, “What was I thinking!” that is still to come. For now, the confidence of trusting your deepest knowing allows you to find freedom in your life again, often without changing a thing in the world around you. You have launched your boat and your are on your way.

LAUNCH is station 4 in The Wheel of Creativity.

Where do you find the confidence to take the leaps you need to take?

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