From Dreamer to Doer: 10 Strategies to Get Your Creative Mojo Back

Posted on Sep 9, 2023

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As the air turns crisper and the leaves start changing their colors, there's an undeniable change of direction in the air – some are getting back to school, some back to work. But when will you get back to your creative vision? And how will you find your creative mojo to get there?

It’s enriching to step away from your creative work at times, as you might have done this summer. Go ahead and let yourself off the hook for having a great summer. But now there are gears to shift to build up speed again and recapture the momentum you lost doing other things. 

A Changing Season

Let’s face it: while the creative process is a large part showing up and doing the work, it’s the magic that makes the final product extraordinary. But the relationship between work and magic is a mystery still unsolved. And moving back into your work after taking time off requires a little something extra.

Whether you're an artist, a social entrepreneur, or a visionary with a passion for making a difference, this season brings with it the perfect opportunity to rekindle the romance with your lifelong dreams and big vision projects. 

The Magic in Your Hands

So, as you look at the blank page before you, wondering where the ideas will come from, here are 10 proven strategies you can use right now to re-enchant your creative spirit and restore the magic in your creative work:

  1. Create Your Vision Board:  Begin by visually mapping out your goals and dreams. Gather images, quotes, and symbols that resonate with your vision. Use tools like Canva or good old-fashioned scissors and glue to craft your vision board. Place it where you can see it daily, allowing it to fuel your inspiration.
  2. Refresh Your Workspace: A clutter-free, inspiring workspace can do wonders for your creativity. Rearrange your surroundings, add some candles or plants, or hang artwork that resonates with your vision.
  3. Make Space for Creative Reflection: Dedicate time each day to reflect on your creative journey. Whether it's through journaling, meditation, or a long walk in nature, this space for introspection can help you reconnect with your inner muse.
  4. Use Daily Affirmations and Visualization: Start each day with positive affirmations and visualize your success. This practice can help you maintain a positive mindset and stay focused on your vision.
  5. Establish your Creative Practice: Dedicate time each day to practice your craft.  Whether you’re a painter, a composer or a novelist, consistency is key to honing your skills and nurturing your creativity. This practice is the foundation on which your big vision project is built.
  6. Set Small, Achievable Goals: Break your big vision into smaller, manageable "baby" steps. Celebrate each small victory, as these achievements will fuel your motivation to keep moving forward.
  7. Choose an Accountability Partner: Find a trusted friend, colleague or coach who can hold you accountable for your goals. Regular check-ins and encouragement can help you stay on track and overcome obstacles.
  8. Try Virtual Co-working: In this digital age, connecting with fellow creatives has never been easier. Join virtual co-working sessions, where you can work alongside others who share your passion. Our Virtual Studio Days use Zoom for our collaborative productivity sessions.
  9. Join a Creative Community: Seek out a group or forums where you can interact with like-minded individuals. Engaging in discussions, sharing your thoughts and feelings, and receiving compassionate feedback can reignite your passion and keep you going.
  10. Make It Fun: Creativity thrives when it's fueled by enthusiasm and a sense of play.  Find ways to fill your creative endeavors with joy  and to reward yourself for work well done.

Keeper of the Flame

Your creative vision is a journey, not a destination. As you navigate the twists and turns of that journey, it's perfectly normal to experience moments of doubt or burnout along the way. What matters most is your commitment to keeping the fire alive within you and how you fan the flame within you.

As you embark on this new season of growth and creativity, keep the faith that your dreams are worth pursuing, and your unique voice has the power to make a positive impact on the world. Let’s embrace the back-to-school spirit and get back to work on our big visions, to make the world a better place, one creative spark at a time.

The Virtual Yurt

Need a little help to get your mojo back for your creative journey through the season ahead? Come spend an hour with us in The Virtual Yurt free restorative session on Sunday, September 17. Learn more and register for the free Zoom call here.

To your enchanted life,

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