Little Pink Spoons from The Wheel of Creativity

Posted on Aug 6, 2012

Here! Have a taste!

Today I begin giving away “little pink spoons” … free samples of my book, scheduled for launch as an eBook this Autumn. This version of The Wheel of Creativity:  Taking Your Place in the Adventure of Life is going to be a cliffhanger.

Each Monday, I’ll post a brief installment from the book, an easy read, a cool, sweet, creamy taste. And I’ll pose a provocative question to help you apply what you read.

Here’s why.

Not a day goes by that I don’t meet or hear from someone who has a vision, sets off on the journey with hope and enthusiasm, meets obstacles, gets discouraged, digs deeper, encounters breakdowns and…


    1. Loses hope, gives up and changes direction
    2. Gets support, shifts gears and keeps moving ahead

In offering you a glimpse of my creative process, as revealed in the opening chapters of this book, my intention is:

    • That, through highlights of my own creative journey, you’ll be inspired to commit to yours day after day.
    • That, reading the twists and turns of my creative process, you’ll see that taking your place in the adventure of life is not a straight shot, but a magical mystery.
    • That, discovering the building blocks of the Wheel of Creativity, you’ll be encouraged to…

Keep turning inward… for the answers that lie only within.

Keep turning outward… to create the life and the world you envision.


So, here it is, from the very first word. Enjoy!


The Wheel of Creativity:  Taking Your Place in the Adventure of Life

by Katherine Robertson-Pilling


“Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how.  The moment you know how, you begin to die a little.  The artist never entirely knows.  We guess.  We may be wrong, but we take leap after leap in the dark.” (Agnes de Mille)


Introduction:  Creativity, Source & Me

My most important lessons in creativity have not come in the classroom, but on the street. I have always been curious. How does this thing work, and why?  Why do you do the things you do?  Why do I?  There have always been gaps throughout my life between a relentless string of questions and the answers to those questions, between having ideas and implementing them. It is into these gaps that I love to go.

Half a lifetime ago, I decided that questions never have final answers, that life is meant to be explored and there is always new territory to discover.  Answers come in bite-sized pieces, revealed in the context of the language I understand at the time. Whatever knowledge I gain today will be replaced by something new tomorrow. My life unfolds in never-ending, unceasing cycles, one folding into the other like a great wheel of evolution.

This book explores the territory between the questions and their answers—the mysteries of life and its manifestations, the unseen and the seen—the landscape where spirituality and creativity converge. This book is about how you can use the creative process to explore that territory yourself. I tell you my story not because I believe I am unique, but because I believe, at the deepest level of our humanity, we are the same. Through seeing the process unfold in my life, you can learn to recognize it in yours. And that is the beginning of the adventure!

And you???

Q:  Where in your life is the creative process still a mystery to you? How is it calling you to grow?


Continued next Monday…

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Keep in touch and live CREATIVE!

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