Faith and the Power of Letting Go

Katherine and Mary Carol at the piano

I’ve just returned from 10 days in Texas with the woman I have loved as a sister all my life. Mary Carol came with her younger brother to live in our home at 16 after spending 10 years in an orphanage. Her father (my father’s brother) and mother both died of cancer when she was six and her brother was just 18 months. Six months later I was born, so she was there as long as I can remember. You kind of think life will go on forever until a certain age. You think that the...

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The notes and the spaces between them

As a professional writer, my medium has almost always been the written or spoken word. So, when I saw this performance by violinist Robert Gupta and cellist Joshua Roman at a March 2011 TED Conference, what touched me most was the power of their communication beyond words. I was grateful to be speechless. [kaltura-widget uiconfid=”535″ entryid=”1_gdcdc76w” width=”400″ height=”330″ align=”center” /] The piece Gupta...

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