12 Days of Creativity for 2022

What is creativity

Creativity is such a buzz word now, it's practically lost its meaning. In the past few decades it has evolved from artistic genius to craft making, from a talent you do or don't have to a skill you must develop to succeed in business. Every one of these ideas misses the mark, or touches only one part of it.Creativity is the force of Life itself. We see it all around us it in Nature... from the stars to our cells. It flows around and through us all the time whether we see it...

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In & Out: Creativity & The Monaco Grand Prix

Project management tips from the pit As I write this, Formula 1 drivers, crews, spectators and fans are gathering in Monte Carlo for the richest stop on the Grand Prix circuit. The movements of cars and drivers through the narrow, winding streets of the French Riviera’s principle rock are synchronized like tassels on a twirler’s baton. But running the race is only half the story. The other half is written by men and women with other talents, equally crucial to...

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