A Moment is a Treasure

Some days I just feel so much love for the Earth.

Today I was out for a walk, because the sun was out for a few minutes this morning. I had a plan to go one way and got to a turning point and turned a different way. I thought I would come back by way of the village, and instead I turned toward the beach.

I was looking for windsurfers. But when I got to the beach, there weren’t any. So I had this huge expanse of desolate, isolated beach with nobody on it. And it was low tide. The beach was really wide. And so I stopped and I danced.

It reminds me very much of my mermaid impressions, which I do in the sea. It’s the same thing, but the sea was just a bit farther out today. And then there was a piece of sea glass on the beach, which I’ve never found here before. It was an amazing experience.

I realize now that this is the way I make myself feel at home, by touching the earth where I am, putting my feet down, saying, “I’m here,” and experiencing myself in the place where I am. And so it’s been really quite amazing this morning. Surprising. I feel welcomed here… much more than I would if I had had coffee with a friend or had any of the things I think I need. It’s so simple.

Thank you, Earth.

Every moment is like a piece of sea glass. We can either stop and pick it up and count it as precious, or we can pass it. When we’re not present, when I’m not present, I miss all the little jewels of life, like the bird that just flew through my picture as I was taking a picture of my hand.

Life can be magic.

And for those of us who are fortunate enough to be in the place to think about that, let us not fail to do so.

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  1. Adwel Lo says

    Yes, I love to walk on a huge expanse of beach under the wide open sky! One is instantly utterly alone with nature and no one can laugh at you for dancing or singing – it’s rather like losing your weight on the moon’s surface – a real sense of earthly freedom and a deep inner sense of self worth!