12 Steps to Create a Life You’ll Love to Live. Step 2.

Posted on Sep 4, 2013

12Steps_2 - Version 2What do you think it would take for you to say, “I love my life?” Do you need to make more money, leave your relationship, change jobs, get in shape, find yourself, or finally name your Big Why? Do you need to bring more love to What Is here and now?

My own experience is that it’s a little bit of both. Some days, the reality of my life just needs me to love it, just as it is, and make a bit of space with compassion for all the things I cannot change. Other days, I am given the clarity to know and name and reach for what I long for deep within myself.

These days it’s difficult for me to balance the two, but both are needed. And both are true.

This post is #2 in a series of 12 in which I share in bite-sized pieces the steps required to meet whatever occurs in your life with creativity and courage.

Step 2: Honor your hunger.

The second step in the journey is to honor your hunger. Station two in the Wheel of Creativity is Appetite. This is the place the vague awareness of what’s missing becomes clearer, and you know (sometimes in an instant, sometimes after years of questioning) what you long for. Not the mysterious savior who never appears, but the deep knowing of the Big Why that calls you to be more than you are.

In a world where hunger is kept at bay, its power to give your life direction is bypassed. Only when you allow yourself to sit with the emptiness within can you hear its guidance. What do you really want? What will truly nourish you? And what, when you finally stop to honor it, will show you where to go? Once you do, and the road appears, then you find yourself at…

Step 3… tomorrow.

Learn more.

For these 12 days, I’ll share one step each day… 12 distinct steps on the road of creating your life, as outlined in my bookThe Wheel Of Creativity: Taking Your Place in the Adventure Of Life. To be sure you don’t miss one of the steps, move your cursor up the sidebar on the right and type your email address into the box beneath “Don’t miss a post! Get blog alerts.” I’ll email them to you.

At the end of the 12 days, on September 15th, I’ll also be offering a free half-hour Discovery Call in which you can learn more about the Wheel of Creativity and an in-depth course I’ll be offering this Autumn.

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